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Selecting An Outdoor Wedding Venue? Consider These Five Things

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Have you always dreamed about having an outdoor wedding? While an outdoor venue can make the night a memorable experience, it definitely requires a different outlook than if you select an indoor venue. Here are a few key things to think about when you start looking at outdoor wedding venues. 

The Weather

The main thing that you should be concerned about is how the weather may be unpredictable. You have to plan your wedding months in advance, and there is no way to guarantee that the weather is going to be perfect. That's why it's worth picking a wedding venue that has a backup option that is inside or covered. Having the ability to move everything indoors in a worst-case scenario will help prevent your wedding reception from being canceled. 

The View

One of the nice things about having an outdoor wedding reception is that you can incorporate some unique visuals. Having a great view could mean overlooking a nearby body of water where you can see the sun set and reflect off the waves, or being surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers to give your wedding a natural vibe. 

The Privacy

It's possible that your outdoor venue will not be completely private, and you need to decide how important that is to you. If you are selecting a venue that is near the beach, know that there may be public beach access where you cannot prevent people from cutting through. However, an outdoor venue entirely on private property can give you the privacy that you want. 

The Restrictions

An outdoor wedding reception means that you may have restrictions on what you can and cannot do during the night. You may find that there are noise restrictions where you cannot have music playing past a certain hour or that the sound levels need to remain quiet for those living in the area. This can potentially cause your wedding reception to end earlier than you would like. Make sure you know any potential restrictions about being outside so that you can be prepared.

The Accessibility

You may think that you found your dream outdoor wedding venue, but you must look at how accessible it will be to guests. Will there be a way for elderly guests that use canes, walkers, or wheelchairs to easily get around? Is there a long walk from the parking lot to the reception site? Make sure that it will be accessible to everyone to avoid potential problems.

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