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What to Know Before You Rent an Inflatable Water Slide

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If you have kids who love to swim or play in the water, it would be exciting to rent an inflatable water slide for them for a summer party. Inflatable water slides are a lot of fun, and they're safe for kids as long as the kids are supervised. They also come in different sizes so you can find a suitable slide for young kids, teens, or adults. Here are some things to know before you rent an inflatable water slide.

You Need A Good Spot To Place It

Water slides are best when set up on grass, especially slides that have splash pools attached. Grass is softer and safer for kids. You should check the dimensions of the slide on the company's website or call them for details so you can measure your yard to make sure the slide will fit.

Also, keep in mind the slide needs an electrical outlet and a water hose hookup. Setting a slide up at the park or a remote location may not work if there is no electricity or water available.

The Rental Company Sets Everything Up

You don't have to do anything other than supervise the kids while they use the water slide. The rental company sets up the slide before your party and takes it down afterward. Things you'll need to do include controlling kids so they stay safe, and making sure no one wears shoes or metal buckles on the slide or carries sharp objects. You'll also want to keep food and drinks off of the water slide.

You may need to pay a cleaning fee if drinks or food are spilled on the slide. If the slide is punctured and ruined, you could have to pay to replace it. 

You'll Probably Need A Deposit

You may need to put down a deposit when you rent an inflatable water slide. Terms vary by rental company, so learn what the terms are upfront. For instance, some companies may want payment by cash, so be sure to have cash on hand when they deliver your water slide. Others may charge your fee to the same card you used to make your deposit.

The fees charged may vary too. Plus, the length of the rental affects the price. You can rent an inflatable water slide for the afternoon for a party, but you can also rent one for the weekend if you're having company stay over that includes kids. You'll pay more for adding another day, but you might get a discount on the second rental day.